Sunday, 4 December 2016

How to Deal with Stress

In this article i told you the method of how to deal with stress in our life. stress can have a different causes such as family problems, financial problem, job problem or health problem etc. Its very important to get the root of the problem and take steps to deal with stress. If you deal with stress follow the below steps i wrote.

  1. Regularly Physical Exercise
  2. Diet Plan
  3. Relax the Body
  4. Set Sleeping Routine
  5. Avoid unusual Activities

Regularly Physical Exercise

Get up early in the morning and walk daily 30-40 minutes. Exercise daily for physical fitness after walking. There are many types of exercise like, Running, swimming, walking, bicycling, do daily as you wish. After a week you notice that your stress reduce day by day.

Diet Plan

Its very important thing in our life because if our diet is not good then we feel our physical fitness goes down. Make a complete perfect diet plan, eat healthy breakfast daily in morning. During the day, drinking water two liter or half gallon. Water is to good for health.

Relax the Body

There are many way to relax the body. The best way to relax the body is see what work is best for you like, write a short story in your diary about your mother/father, past life, best friend, or do some thing that you have interest.

Set Sleeping Routine

Avoid unusual Activities


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